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Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville Honors Its Nursing and Facility Staff for Providing High-Quality, Compassionate Care

Facility Events Celebrate Both “National Nurses Week” and “National Skilled Nursing Care Week”

May 23, 2023

Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville, the 44-bed skilled nursing facility in Carlinville, Ill., honored its nurses during National Nurses Week for the vital roles they have played during the past year in providing compassionate care to facility residents.

Then, the following week, all of the facility's staff were celebrated for delivering high-quality care to hundreds of Illinois' seniors and individuals with disabilities during National Skilled Nursing Care Week.

Celebrating National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6 and ends on May 12, Florence Nightingale's birthday. While nurses are appreciated throughout the year, this week is designated for special events to mark the contributions they make to their community.

Right after National Nurses Week is the annual observance of National Skilled Nursing Care Week, May 14 to May 20. Established in 1967 by the American Health Care Association, the celebration week this year adopted the theme “Cultivating Kindness,” recognizing the compassion provided at skilled nursing facilities when improving health and strengthening human connections.

“Watching the countless acts of kindness that take place every day in our center, I am both grateful and amazed by our staff, who seem to personify compassion as well as competence,” said Suzi Robbins, CEO/administrator of Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville. “Not only is our skilled nursing care facility committed to providing a high level of care for our residents at all times, but our staff is especially sensitive to residents' need for one-on-one social connections.”

Hallmark marked the two, week-long celebrations with several special activities, including:

  • A kickoff with donuts, with the theme, “We donut what we would do without you”
  • Balloons and banners throughout the building, celebrating the nurses with a fun flair
  • Goodie baskets showing the staff that the community also appreciates what they do
  • Lemonade shake ups and funnel cakes
  • Keepsakes celebrating the hard-working staff

About National Nurses Week

To acknowledge the contributions of nurses and call attention to their working conditions, the International Council of Nurses established May 12 as International Nurses Day in 1974. The celebration was extended to a week a few years later, and National Nurses Week was officially born in 1994. Sponsored and promoted by the American Nurses Association, the week-long event highlights the crucial contributions that nurses make to the community.

About National Skilled Nursing Care Week

National Skilled Nursing Care Week recognizes the essential role of skilled nursing care centers in caring for America's elderly and disabled. The week-long observance starts each year on Mother's Day and is celebrated through the following Saturday.

About Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville is a 44-bed skilled nursing facility in Carlinville, Ill., providing short-term rehabilitation, long-term skilled nursing care, memory care, and respite care. The center is currently accepting new admissions. For further information, please contact Sonnie Loschen at 217-851-0455 or sloschen@cresthcc.com, or visit Hallmark Healthcare online at www.hallmark-hc.com.

Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville Hosts First Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Loveless Park in Carlinville

Festivities Provide Easter Fun for Local Kids, Families, and Skilled Nursing Facility Residents

CARLINVILLE, Ill. (April 14, 2023) – Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville, the 44-bed skilled nursing facility in Carlinville, Ill., hosted a free Easter egg hunt at Carlinville’s Loveless Park on April 8 for area children, their families, and facility residents. This will be an annual tradition for the community.

Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville residents and staff enjoyed a community-wide Easter celebration and egg hunt with local families on April 8 at Loveless Park in Carlinville.

Hallmark Healthcare residents and employees spent hours filling thousands of eggs for this event, to make the egg hunt special for the large number of area children that attended. The Easter Bunny even made a special appearance to take photos with each attendee.

To mark the beginning of Spring and further enhance the celebration of Easter, Hallmark Healthcare also gave out five bicycles to lucky winners who found the golden eggs. The organization also has many other fun events planned, including:

National Skilled Nursing Care Week in May, with many fun activities scheduled May’s National Nurses Week where it plans to recognize its nurses, as well as others in the local community The Macoupin County Fair in June where the facility is a sponsor and will hand out free items at its booth As part of its commitment to being a good community neighbor, Hallmark Healthcare holds events throughout the year to engage with local residents. Activities have included summer picnics, coat and school supply drives, Halloween trunk-or-treats, and holiday light displays with visits from Santa.

“We have always wanted to host local families for Easter festivities,” said Suzi Robbins, CEO/Administrator of Hallmark Healthcare. “We plan on making this an annual event now that we see what a hit it was! Not only do our residents look forward to these celebrations, but they help cement the close ties between our facility and the wider community.”

About Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville is a 44-bed skilled nursing facility in Carlinville, Ill., providing long-term care, short-term care, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, physical therapy, rehab-to-home, speech therapy, hospice care, respite care and a secure memory care unit. The center is currently accepting new admissions for short-term rehabilitation and long-term care. For further information, please contact Sonnie Loschen at 217-851-0455 or visit the Hallmark website at www.hallmark-hc.com.

Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville Honors Suzi Robbins for Unique Approaches Required to Run Today's Healthcare Facilities

Skilled Nursing Facility Observes National Long-Term Care Administrator's Week

CARLINVILLE, Ill. (March 23, 2023) - Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville, the 44-bed subacute and skilled nursing facility, has honored its CEO/administrator, Suzi Robbins, for her healthcare leadership during National Long-Term Care Administrator's Week, March 13-17, 2023, established by the American College of Health Care Administrators.

Suzi Robbins

Long-Term Care Administrator's Week honors the nation's leaders of skilled nursing facilities, including Robbins of Carlinville, Ill., who have proactively led the way in adapting to evolving healthcare needs. These leaders have anticipated their facility's needs, improved outcomes, and utilized resources to provide quality services to the residents in their care.

As a successful leader in today's ever-changing healthcare landscape, Robbins has taken on unique approaches to make positive differences in their residents' and staff's lives every day. “I believe that to run a successful, resident-centered skilled nursing facility, you must remember that we are all family here,” she said. “With our building being on the quaint side, only holding 44 residents, it's even more crucial to have the feeling of family evident.

“The employees, residents, and visitors all know each other on a level that you usually only get at a family reunion,” Robbins added. “We are all in this together and we all look out for each other. This dynamic works like a well-oiled machine here at Hallmark. We can morph from answering a question on the phone, to cleaning up a spill in the hall. We know all our resident and staff birthdays and anniversaries and celebrate each one specially, because that's what a family does and that's what we are!”

Robbins became a skilled nursing facility CEO/administrator at the end of 2022. “I chose a career in this industry because people are my passion! It was the next step in my progression. I started out at Hallmark years ago, doing many positions, and landing on Admissions/Marketing and Social Service Director. When the CEO position came available, it just made sense to keep making the climb and become what I had always dreamed: a leader that understands what it's like to also work the trenches and that others can relate to, learn from, and be inspired by!”

Commitment to Patient Care To become an administrator, it takes commitment and dedication. Individuals often undertake a rigorous internship, followed by state and national exams. Upon becoming an administrator, they must continue lifelong learning to provide the best care possible. They are masters of multi-tasking, taking into account every aspect of a person's life – not just their medical needs – while building the sense of home and community for which Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville is known.

Administrators wear many hats and take on numerous challenges on a daily basis. This culture of caring set by Robbins is part of what makes her leadership unique in the region's healthcare community.

About Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville is a 44-bed skilled nursing facility in Carlinville, Ill., providing long-term care, short-term care, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, physical therapy, rehab-to-home, speech therapy, hospice care, respite care and a secure memory care unit. The center is currently accepting new admissions for short-term rehabilitation and long-term care. For further information, please contact Sonnie Loschen at 217-851-0455 or visit the Hallmark website at www.hallmark-hc.com.

Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville Honored Dani Trent During National Activity Professionals Week for Success in Engaging Residents

Activities Directors are a Key to Resident Happiness at Skilled Nursing Facilities

Feb 3, 2023

Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville, the 45-bed subacute and skilled nursing facility, honored its activity director, Dani Trent, for her work in creating a stimulating and engaging resident environment.

The recognition came during National Activity Professionals Week, Jan. 23-27, 2023. Activity Professionals Week - established by the National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP) - is a national week-long celebration that honors the efforts of activity directors at healthcare facilities. These professionals enhance residents' daily lives by providing opportunities to engage in recreational, intellectual, and creative activities.

Dani Trent

Addressing the needs of the community's senior population is what motivates Trent every day. “I most enjoy getting to know the residents and finding out what excites them so I can plan my activity schedule around the people we have in our building,” she said.

At Hallmark Healthcare, Trent said three of the most popular resident activities include:

  • Bingo
  • Baking cookies or creating a snack
  • Musical entertainment and parties

Trent has been the activity director at Hallmark Healthcare for many years now. “I chose a career in skilled nursing because I have a passion for the elderly,” she said.

Focusing on Quality of Life

Professionals like Trent are key players in a facility's care team, creating innovative programming that positively impacts the lives of residents, and identifying new ways to collaborate and support the community. Every day, she strives to support the mission, vision, and commitment to providing quality care and innovative services for which Hallmark Healthcare is known.

Research from the National Library of Medicine reports that social engagement promotes physical and mental health in older adults. Keeping her residents inspired, involved, and connected is how Trent defines her mission.

“I am passionate about my job because it's inspiring watching the seniors work together and create a new family here at Hallmark Healthcare,” Trent noted. “We are a small, tight-knit community, so the comradery really inspires me. I love getting to know each person individually and bringing things to the table that I know they will connect with. Making sure everyone feels they are being included is my goal!”

To become an activities director, it takes patience and compassion. Professionals working with an aging population meet certain professional standards to become adept and finally certified. They are masters of multi-tasking - providing opportunities for residents to engage in stimulating activities that improve their quality of life while creating a sense of community.

Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville Builds Unique Staff Assistance Fund to Support Employees with Immediate, Unforeseen Financial Needs

Skilled Nursing Facility Established Fund; Will Match Employee Donations Through December 31

Dec 27, 2022

Employees in immediate financial need at Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville can now get economic help to tide them over during difficult times, courtesy of the facility’s employee assistance fund.

The unique fund, which is set up as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is administered for the skilled nursing facility by a third party, the Emergency Assistance Foundation (EAF). Employees can apply for financial grants – which may range from $500 to $2,500 – to help meet expenses for unforeseen disaster or personal hardship.

The applications and awards are handled directly by EAF, without the facility knowing who was awarded grants or their purpose, to maintain strict confidentially. To date, more than $75,000 has been donated in employee assistance grants.

Suzi Robbins, CEO/Administrator of Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville, said the facility wanted to create a benefit for its staff that reflects part of its mission – treating employees as family – and can help staff in their times of need. “There are many reasons extra money may be needed, whether to deal with natural disasters, accidents, epidemics, illness, domestic abuse, or a death in the family,” she said.

“In this season of giving, Hallmark is grateful not only to donate money to launch this fund but also to match employee donations dollar-for-dollar until the end of the year,” Robbins said. “Employees are encouraged to donate to the fund – in addition to our organizational contributions – to potentially help their colleagues, providing even more impact.”

Robbins said this fund is another way we fulfill our mission. “While our commitment is to provide genuine hometown care while becoming a vital partner in the community, none of that can be accomplished without ensuring the health, safety, and happiness of our valued teammates,” she added.

Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville Brightens the Season with Free Community Holiday Lights Display

Hallmark Nursing Facility Spreading Cheer with Drive-Through Exhibition

Dec 21, 2022

In what has become an annual tradition, Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville is inviting members of the Carlinville and surrounding communities to soak up the holiday spirit as they drive through the facility’s holiday lights display.

Running from December 1 through December 30 – from dusk until 10 p.m., at the facility’s campus at 826 N. High Street, Carlinville – the display is open for the community to drive through and see the thousands of lights and holiday decorations.

“This is a special time of year and we love seeing the community decorated and all of our neighbors celebrating the joy of the holiday season,” said Suzi Robbins CEO/Administrator of Hallmark. “We enjoy seeing visitors of all ages and from throughout the region drive through the display, enjoying the lights.”

Hallmark Healthcare of Carlinville holds multiple events throughout the year as part of its mission to be a good neighbor. “One of our purposes is to give back to the local community, where so many of our residents and staff members grew up,” said Robbins. “That’s why we also have annual Easter egg hunts and visits from the Easter bunny, as well as Halloween trunk-or-treat events, community clinics, healthcare information sessions, and more.”

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